Foreign Languages


During the year 2022, we heard from our partners a deep desire to provide resources that would be helpful to support children displaced by the war in the Ukraine and in the evacuation from Afghanistan. We answered this ask by creating Brain Breaks Cards and Brain Breaks Videos in the native languages of these children.

Brain Breaks Cards
These illustrated 4×5 cards support the health and wellness of learners by sharing simple strategies to reduce stress and improve focus: Breathe, Move, & Rest.

In addition to our current English and Spanish, Brain Breaks cards are now translated into Ukrainian, Farsi, and Dari. These cards can be found in our Curriculum section under “Brain Breaks”. The desired language can be accessed from our drop-down language filter.

Brain Breaks Videos
Our animated Brain Breaks Videos appeal to children all over the world. Children are guided and supported through breathe, move, and rest strategies that are easy to do, and highly effective.

In addition to our current English and Spanish, Brain Breaks Videos are now translated to Ukrainian, Farsi, and Dari, as well as Chinese.


Through wellness exercises, we teach mindful movement.
Through the power of breath, we teach the ability to calm the nervous system, increase impulse control, identify stressful situations and develop coping strategies.
Through studying the brain, we teach the skill of focus and increase the ability to learn.
Through the sequence of breathe - move - rest, we teach the ability to focus in a coherent direction and specific state of mind.
Through the achievement of mindful focus, we teach the ability to self-regulate and develop executive functioning skills.