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The highest priority of the foundation is investing in research.

Research is required to demonstrate the impact of our health and wellness curriculum in schools. Our partnership with Stanford University and University of Virginia furthers our understanding of the impact of our curriculum which focuses on mindful movement, social, emotional and academic learning development. Since 2011, research teams have been studying the implementation and outcomes of these programs within the context of the school day.


Our Studies

Guidelines: Our fidelity effort is at the heart of our commitment to make all our programs the best they can be.

Fidelity Observation Validity Report: This paper marks the first step in Pure Edge’s FOI work

Fidelity of a School-Based Mindfulness Curriculum: A transdisciplinary feasibility study

Stanford University: Program evaluation of Pure Power curriculum

Intervención Temprana Tras los Terremotos de Puerto Rico: Resiliencia, prevención y promoción de la salud mental infantil y adolescente


Select Studies

LIU GPA: Yoga improves academic performance in urban high school students compared to Physical Education: A Randomized Controlled Trial

LIU Participation: Benefits of yoga among urban school students: A Qualitative Analysis

Decoding Emotion: The Amygdala–Prefrontal Cortex Pathway for Emotion Regulation of Children