Flourish Video Library

We are committed to supporting well-being by helping learners and educators flourish. In partnership with the University of Virginia’s Compassionate Schools Project, we are thrilled to present the Flourish curriculum. To get started, watch CSP Flourish Curriculum: Introduction for Educators below, and then access the curriculum here.


What is Flourish?

CSP Flourish Curriculum: Introduction for Educators
Flourish Highlights

Teacher Demonstrations

Breathing & Awareness

Take 5 (Star Breath)
Breath of Joy
Breath of Joy Variation
Calming & Focusing with Lion's Breath
Lion's Breath Variation
Kind Mind for Self (v.1)
Kind Mind for Self (v.2)
Kind Mind for Others
Anchors & Breath Awareness

Tips & Resources

Practices for Educators

2-Minute Gratitude Practice
2-Minute Intro to Compassion
3-Minute Grounding Practice
5-Minute Compassion Practice
6-Minute Breath Awareness Practice
6-Minute Intro to Survival System
8-Minute Mindfulness Tips
11-Minute Compassion Practice

Unit Overviews

Overview + Units 1-7

Mindful Movement Overview
Unit 1: Compassion
Unit 2: Self-Awareness
Unit 3: Self-Management
Unit 4: Social Awareness (Empathy)
Unit 5: Relationship Skills
Units 6 & 7: Social Awareness (Community) & Compassion Project