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We provide professional development and self-care strategies via adult Brain Breaks, trainings and webinars. We also offer ongoing support for our partner districts and organizations. Continuing ed unit opportunities available.


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We provide a range of free classroom resources that include learner Brain Breaks, health & wellness curricula, and Virtual PE. Our mission is to promote social, emotional, and academic development for all learners.

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Ivo Cussianovich

Ivo is a licensed psychologist who lives and works in Costa Rica. He is also a certified Mindfulness Facilitator from the “Mindful Awareness Research Center” at UCLA, and has been active in the field of education for almost 20 years. He is committed to helping kids and teens acquire the social and emotional knowledge and competencies they need in order to live fulfilling lives, and in a joint effort with the illustrator, he created “Clouds in the Sky”. The main purpose of the book is to help spark conversations with young people around the topic of self-awareness, focusing more specifically on the development of awareness of our thoughts and thinking.

Ivo es un psicólogo colegiado que vive y trabaja en Costa Rica. Es también un facilitador certificado de Mindfulness del “Mindful Awareness Research Center” de UCLA, y ha trabajado de manera activa en el campo de la educación durante casi 20 años. Ivo está comprometido a ayudarles a los niños y adolescentes a adquirir el conocimiento y las competencias sociales y emocionales que necesitan para vivir una vida plena y, en un esfuerzo en conjunto con la ilustradora, creó “Nubes en el Cielo”. El objetivo principal del libro es ayudar a iniciar conversaciones con la gente joven en torno al tema de la autoconciencia, centrándose sobre todo en el desarrollo de la conciencia de nuestros pensamientos y pensar.