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We provide professional development and self-care strategies via adult Brain Breaks, trainings and webinars. We also offer ongoing support for our partner districts and organizations. Continuing ed unit opportunities available.

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We provide a range of free classroom resources that include learner Brain Breaks, health & wellness curricula,  and Virtual PE. Our mission is to promote social, emotional, and academic development for all learners.

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Virtual Field Trip
Curiosity Before Judgment | Meet the Filmmaker

DURATION: 30 min

Originally Aired: WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7 AT 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Abhi Nangia

DEC 7 Webinar


Join us with your class (all grade levels welcomed) for a 30-minute, webinar-style virtual field trip with Abhi Nangia of Better World Ed! Better World Ed is a nonprofit creating authentic stories to reweave community, humanize learning, and teach curiosity before judgment about self, others, and our world. We will share a short, wordless video, followed by questions from lesson plans to get classrooms wondering and engaging. “Meet the filmmaker,” ask questions, and learn more about the mission of Better World Ed.

Abhi Nangia

Better World Ed

Abhi Nangia leads, a nonprofit on a mission to humanize learning. He and the Better World Ed team create Global Learning Journeys: wordless videos, human stories, and integrated lesson plans to encourage us all to love lifelong learning about self, others, and our world. To practice curiosity before judgment. He has been dreaming about transforming education since middle school, and he is grateful to have the opportunity to learn alongside educators, parents, and lifelong learners around the world on this journey to humanize learning. Abhi’s life purpose is to create the learning experience that he wishes he had — and that we all had — growing up. Learning that helps us untangle the knots within and between us. Learning to reweave the fabric of our communities.