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Stress Management PLC for Educators (Mondays)

DURATION: 30 min

Originally Aired: MONDAYS, SEPTEMBER 12-OCTOBER 17 AT 12:30 PM PDT / 3:30 PM PDT

Michelle Kelsey Mitchell


This professional learning community will provide an experiential and relational approach to stress management that aims to explore educator well-being. Join us for a practical exploration of stress management that encompasses a positive psychology lens to tools that query our individual awareness, perception, and thoughts by identifying, shifting, and applying strategies that influence behavioral outcomes.

Michelle Kelsey Mitchell

Director of Partnerships & National Trainer

Michelle is Director of Partnerships for Pure Edge Inc. Originally from New Jersey, Michelle completed her collegiate studies in Buffalo New York earning a BS in Sports Medicine, Minor in Sports Psychology and a Masters in Counseling & Human Services at Canisius College. Michelle has worked in her respective community in the public school setting, higher education, and the nonprofit sector.

Currently, Michelle teaches stress management at George Washington University and serves on the board of directors of local nonprofits.

"I am passionate about this work because I've seen and experienced first hand the positive affect it has on the lives of both children and adults."