Educator Self-Care & Social Emotional Learning

Presented by
Michelle Mitchell


MONDAY - FRIDAY, June 15 - 19 12PM-1PM PST / 3PM-4PM EST

Duration: 1 hr

These interactive sessions are designed to support the integration of caring for yourself, the educator, while supporting the social and emotional learning (SEL) initiatives for your students. Participants will apply focused awareness of each of the 5 SEL competencies during each session. We will explore safe and supportive relationships, strengthening co-regulation with others, and building interaction skills that support social competence and academic success in practical context with SEL. (5 Sessions)
Session 1:  ESC & Self-Awareness  [Video]  [PDF]

Session 2:  ESC & Self-Management  [Video]  [PDF]

Session 3:  ESC & Social Awareness  [Video]  [PDF]

Session 4:  ESC & Relationship Skills  [Video]  [PDF]

Session 5:  ESC & Responsible Decision Making  [Video]  [PDF]

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Michelle Mitchell

Director of Partnerships & National Trainer

Michelle is Director of Partnerships for Pure Edge Inc. Originally from New Jersey, Michelle completed her collegiate studies in Buffalo New York earning a BS in Sports Medicine, Minor in Sports Psychology and a Masters in Counseling & Human Services at Canisius College. Michelle has worked in her respective community in the public school setting, higher education, and the nonprofit sector.

Currently, Michelle teaches stress management at George Washington University and serves on the board of directors of local nonprofits.