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Celebrating Practitioner-Scholarship, Part 2
How Practitioners Contribute to Scholarship


Originally Aired: TUESDAY, MARCH 1 AT 8:30AM PST / 11:30AM EST

Dr. Aaron J. Griffen

MAR 1 Webinar


Join Dr. Aaron J. Griffen, author of R.A.C.E. Mentoring and P-12 Educators: Practitioners Contributing to Scholarship (Research, Advocacy, Collaboration, and Empowerment), for Part 2 of our Practitioner-Scholarship series.

Dr. Aaron J. Griffen

Aaron J. Griffen, Ph.D. is a P-12 Practitioner-Scholar with over 21 years of experience in public and charter as a middle school English teacher, assistant principal, as a high school principal, and currently as the Vice President of Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Dr. Griffen is an author, speaker, consultant and panelist, with an active research interest and publishing agenda in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Cultural Responsiveness and Relevance, Culturally Responsive Instructional Leadership, Multicultural Curriculum and Instruction, African American Educational Lobbying, and Urban Policy and Analysis. He and his wife, Karen, are the co-founders of Prosperity Educators, LLC, an independent educational consulting company whose services include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion development, instructional leadership and peer coaching, strategic planning, and organization management. Dr. Griffen can be reached at or @DrAaronJGriffen.