Planning for the Return:
SEL & Resilient Schools with David Adams & Chi Kim

Presented by
David Adams, M.Ed.



There have been several national guidance documents for the safe return to school. One consistent message is that supporting the social and emotional needs of learners and educators should be a central focus. Join us for a noontime conversation as we share our contextual definition of SEL competencies, as well as examples from the field and practical strategies for implementation.

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David Adams, M.Ed.

Director of Social Emotional Learning at The Urban Assembly

David Adams, M.Ed. in Education Psychology, is the Director of Social-Emotional Learning at The Urban Assembly. He previously served as the Social-Emotional Learning Coordinator for District 75, where he shaped the District’s approach to SEL for students with severe cognitive and behavioral challenges. He has worked internationally in schools in England, as a research intern at Yale University’s Health, Emotion and Behavior Lab, and published multiple academic papers around the relationship of social-emotional competence and student academic and behavioral outcomes. He is married with two children, serves on the Board of Directors of CASEL and is a Civil Affairs Officer in the Army Reserve.