Virtual Field Trip to Support SEL in the Classroom – Elementary

Educators and students, join us for an interactive virtual field trip to start off the new year. Together we will practice strategies to support SEL initiatives in the classroom focusing on Self-Awareness. To access the field trip, teachers sign up via this Zoom link and then you’ll share your screen with your students. This is a 30 minute session with closed captioning.

Integrating the Pure Power Neuroscience Unit

In this interactive session, we will plan and develop rituals and routines to support your well-being and for your learners. In this interactive session, educators will develop an understanding of how to integrate A Peek Inside the Amazing Brain (PreK-5) & The Neuroscience of Stress (6-12) for the first four weeks of school.

Grades PreK-2  [Video]  [PDF]   Grades 3-5  [Video]  [PDF]
Middle School  [Video]  [PDF]    High School  [Video]  [PDF]