Success with Self-Care

What is self-care and why should we map out our well-being? Join Gill for this four-part series looking at how self-care positively impacts us and learn a variety of simple strategies to support our mental, emotional, and physical needs.

4/15: [Video] [PDF]   4/22: [Video] [PDF]   4/29: [Video] [PDF]   5/6: [Video] [PDF]


Well-Being Wednesdays in April

This Well-Being Wednesday series will offer experiential mindfulness-based sessions designed to support the well-being of school-based personnel as they continue to provide essential services to our community each day. Each session is 30 minutes. Please wear clothing suitable for light exercise. Closed captioning provided.

4/7 [Video][PDF] 4/14 [Video][PDF]

#TeacherTuesday – Book Club with Dr. Tish Jennings

#TeacherTuesday Book Club with Dr. Tish Jennings

Join Dr. Jennings for this three-day series, as she takes us through her new book Teacher Burnout Turnaround Strategies for Empowered Educators. All sessions will be closed-captioned.

January 12 – Part I – Addressing Teacher Stress and Burnout [Video] [PDF]
January 19 – Part II – Preparing for Transformative Change [Video] [PDF]
January 26 – Part III – Empowering Teachers [Video] [PDF]

Culture of Care Institute

This four-part Culture of Care training prepares educators to deliver breathing, mindful movement, and relaxation exercises. Participants in the training will learn and be able to communicate how this approach promotes social-emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom. In this virtual setting, each session includes a self-care practice for participants, as well as time for Q & A and practical implementation strategies. Participants will become familiar with the Pure Edge online resource library to support establishing a Culture of Care at their school site.
9/22: Session 1  [PDF]  [Video]   9/24: Session 2  [PDF]  [Video]
9/29: Session 3  [PDF]  [Video]   10/1: Session 4  [PDF]  [Video]

Culture of Care Summer Institute II

Please join us Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for a 12-session series. We know that balancing the needs of online instruction and planning for a return in the fall is challenging. This series will help you build knowledge to integrate self-care and social-emotional learning skills into your online and in-person classes. Every session is free and live.

7/27 Session 1: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) & Self-Care  [Video]  [PDF]
7/29 Session 2: Respond vs. React: Superpowers  [Video]  [PDF]
7/31 Session 3: Stress & Allostatic Load [Video]  [PDF]
8/3 Session 4: The Neuroscience of Stress, Part 1  [Video]  [PDF]
8/5 Session 5: The Neuroscience of Stress, Part 2  [Video]  [PDF]
8/7 Session 6: Neuroplasticity  [Video]  [PDF]
8/10 Session 7: Creating Healthy Habits  [Video]  [PDF]
8/12 Session 8: Taking in the Good  [Video]  [PDF]
8/14 Session 9: Six Critical Healing Factors  [Video]  [PDF]
8/17 Session 10: Building Belonging – Emotion & Cognition  [Video]  [PDF]
8/19 Session 11: Brain Breaks Implementation  [Video]  [PDF]
8/21 Session 12: Culture of Care Implementation  [Video]  [PDF]

New Jersey Series for Educator Well-Being

Part 1: The Neuroscience of Stress & Educator Self-Care  [Video]  [PDF]
This one-hour, interactive session will explore the neuroscience of stress and its impact on the body. We will share how to develop resilience through the practice of simple strategies.  Live English sessions:

Part 2: Self-Care & SEL  [Video]  [PDF]
This one-hour, interactive session integrates self-care and the social-emotional learning competencies of self-awareness and self-management for adults. We will continue to focus on developing resilience through the practice of simple strategies.


Rebuilding Community: Navigating the New Normal

Dr. Mark Greenberg, Dorothy Morelli, Denine Parks-Goolsby, and Dr. Joseph Gerics

As educators, our lives have been forever changed. We have all experienced trauma in some form. As schools begin to make plans for reopening, it is imperative that we address the effect of this pandemic experience not only for our students, but also for the adults who work with them. This webinar will discuss ideas about how schools can begin to rebuild a sense of community including exploring adult social and emotional needs, collaborating on strategies to build caring connections with our students and colleagues.

Integrating the Pure Power Neuroscience Unit

In this interactive session, we will plan and develop rituals and routines to support your well-being and for your learners. In this interactive session, educators will develop an understanding of how to integrate A Peek Inside the Amazing Brain (PreK-5) & The Neuroscience of Stress (6-12) for the first four weeks of school.

Grades PreK-2  [Video]  [PDF]   Grades 3-5  [Video]  [PDF]
Middle School  [Video]  [PDF]    High School  [Video]  [PDF]

Planning for the Return: Building Student Agency

Join our two award-winning mindful educators who have successfully implemented mindfulness and well-being into their school programs. Meet the educators who continually build student agency though their creativity and dedication.  Learn how they have created virtual SEL sessions & mentored the team of NuYu!