Culture of Care Summer Institute II

Presented by
Pure Edge, Inc.



Duration: 1hr

Please join us Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for a 12-session series. We know that balancing the needs of online instruction and planning for a return in the fall is challenging. This series will help you build knowledge to integrate self-care and social-emotional learning skills into your online and in-person classes. Every session is free and live.

Culture of Care Series: 

M 7/27 Session 1: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) & Self-Care  [Video]  [PDF]

W 7/29 Session 2: Respond vs. React: Superpowers  [Video]  [PDF]

F 7/31 Session 3: Stress & Allostatic Load  [Video]  [PDF]

M 8/3 Session 4: The Neuroscience of Stress, Part 1  [Video]  [PDF]

W 8/5 Session 5: The Neuroscience of Stress, Part 2  [Video]  [PDF]

F 8/7 Session 6: Neuroplasticity  [Video[PDF]

M 8/10 Session 7: Creating Healthy Habits  [Video[PDF]

W 8/12 Session 8: Taking in the Good  [Video[PDF]

F 8/14 Session 9: Six Critical Healing Factors  [Video]  [PDF]

M 8/17 Session 10: Building Belonging – Emotion & Cognition  [Video]  [PDF]

W 8/19 Session 11: Brain Breaks Implementation  [Video [PDF]

F 8/21 Session 12: Culture of Care Implementation  [Video [PDF]

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We are a dedicated team from diverse backgrounds, all supporting one mission. Pure Edge, Inc. endeavors to provide strategies to help educators and learners achieve success through focus against environmental influences of social media, peer pressure, personal and community stressors. We offer a set of strategies that include well-rounded curriculum and training modules to develop social, emotional, and academic learning skills through mindful movement, breath and rest. Our program is designed to support the health and wellness of educators and learners by sharing simple strategies to reduce stress and improve focus.