Power of Relaxation

+71% RECOVERY from PTSD symptoms. Article>
+30% IMPROVEMENT in memory scores. Article>
-35% REDUCTION of symptoms with ADHD. Article>

“I really like learning about breathing. It helped me get over pain and frustration."

Children who participated in relaxation protocol had better sleep & better focus in school.

High School GPA Improvement

49+ SESSIONS: Better GPA

"It really helps me calm down and my focus is better."

Yoga Improves Academic Performance in Urban High School Students as Compared
to Physical Education: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Improved Physical Fitness Results vs Traditional PE

89% PASS RATE on the state physical fitness exam
for 5th graders yoga as their fitness program. Article>
42% REDUCTION in bullying after yoga in school. Article>

"I don't like when people pick on me but when I am at yoga I feel like I am safe."

Children who participated in yoga as their primary physical education program saw significant benefits.

Students Served by Pure Edge

Year Started: 2011
Areas: California, Texas, Northeast & Southeast
Focus: Calming, Self-Regulation, Breathing, 
Physical Training, Nutrition

"We learned deep breathing...so during a test sometimes I take a few breaths if I am struggling."

Since 2011, we have helped over 120,000 students achieve success through focus.

Our Partnerships

Students Served: 300,000
Educators Trained: 7,000 

"The health and wellness program is good for me because it helps me calm down when I’m scared, upset, or angry."

Since 2011, our foundation has partnered with over 42 different organizations. Our partners span across 15 different districts in several regions across the country: California, Texas, The Northeast and The Southeast.
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