About (OLD)

Our Mission

Pure Edge, Inc. believes that all educators and learners deserve to be taught strategies that help combat stress and support the development of social, emotional, and academic learning competencies with an open heart and mind.

We Support Educators and Learners

We offer a set of strategies based upon Five Principles of Health & Wellness: body, breath, mind, attention, and engagement.

We Support Schools

We provide a range of open educational resources (OER) & professional development options that include self-care of staff, daily classroom integration of brain breaks, health & wellness curriculum, and other resources that promote social, emotional, and academic development.

We Support Research

We partner with research institutions across the country. Through these partnerships, we continue to learn about, support, and improve the quality of our programs. Since 2011, research teams have studied the implementation and outcomes of our health and wellness curriculum within school settings.  Early evidence supports that our programs are helping students achieve success through focus.

Our 5 Principles of Health & Wellness

Through wellness exercises, we teach mindful movement.
Through the power of breath, we teach the ability to calm the nervous system, increase impulse control, identify stressful situations and develop coping strategies.
Through studying the brain, we teach the skill of focus and increase the ability to learn.
Through the sequence of breathe - move - rest, we teach the ability to focus in a coherent direction and specific state of mind.
Through the achievement of mindful focus, we teach the ability to self-regulate and develop executive functioning skills.